Last of the Workers

by Tommy Morgan
originally published at 10:01PM on Thursday, January 31, 2008

“Impersonating an android?” Henry all but fell out of the chair. “Why in the world would he do such a thing?”

Thomas shrugged. “Maybe he missed the work. I heard he was one of the best…”

“Only because he told you,” Henry chuckled.

“Hah, I suppose you’re right. But then there wasn’t anyone to deny it either, was there?”

“Fair enough,” Henry conceded, “But anyway… I assume they collected him on his way in to the facility?”

“Actually, he had Authority completely fooled; he got in and out unnoticed. It was his wife who caught him when he came home. Poor woman nearly went crazy herself – I’m impressed she was able to turn him in.”

Amazing, Henry boggled – to meet their efficiency convincingly… He really was that good.

“Incredible, isn’t it? Risking so much for something so… pointless. What did he hope to prove?”

“Some people just can’t handle change,” Henry muttered, but only because he knew it was the only safe thing to say. If he expressed his admiration he’d surely share the poor man’s fate.




  • from White Hat:

    Wait… a spy trying to prove that he’s still relevant after androids become common? Huh?

  • from White Hat:

    Or just some sort of skilled-industry worker?

  • from White Hat:

    ... Yeah.