The second ficker

by #2 Ficker
originally published at 03:16PM on Wednesday, March 07, 2007 mature

Once upon a time, I came upon a website called “ficlets”. It just gave me the desire to fick everything. Fick you, you ficker! Once you fick, you can’t stop. I walked down the street and saw something I liked, so I wanted to fick it.




  • from Zinc Oxide:

    fick you

  • from Jason Garber:

    I dunno man, you could’ve done more with this…

  • from THX 0477:

    Perhaps a bit of a portent of things to come, this being #2 in contrast to #1. We’re past 20,000 now, and we still get stuff like this.

  • from Overlooked_Merchandise:

    at the moment we’re past 30,000 now and STILL getting stuff like this, though i guess if someone wants to write a ficlet like this, they can

  • from OrangeOreos:

    In contrast to number 1…

    Number 2 is probably the example of some of the worst in ficlets…