Daily Sleep

by Scary Thing I Aint Dead Yet
originally published at 06:51AM on Thursday, February 07, 2008

I woke her up from her daily sleep. Every night i dress her up put her make up on. No one knows the secret i hold i think they would look away in disgrace. When i met the girl she was so perfect. Her smile could take away a mans breath. I was always trying to get close to her but she was trapped in abusive relationship. As the days came to be months i couldn’t go on not being with her. I went to her home i saw her face down on the ground. I could see she was murder and know her boyfriend did it and ran off. Well as you can see i took her home. Am the perfect boyfriend she has ever had. To me shes always alive the sex is great. I can still hear all the nice things she would have said to me. How great i am how wonderful i made her life be. I want to get married to her but to find a priest to accept such love is hard. They look at me weirdly and they run and i always have to catch up to them and stick a machete in the back of there neck and having to carry them to the woods. This isn’t a messed up love.




  • from Nouvelle Bardot:

    it reminds me of the tom petty music video for last dance with mary jane. how the mortician takes the dead girl home and dresses her up and dances with her…eerie.