The Awkward Breakfast

by back in your head
originally published at 05:45AM on Saturday, February 09, 2008

“Hey.” Kay joins me at the kitchen table.
I’m surprised to see her glowing. She’d gone to sleep later than I did.
Kay pours herself a bowl of cereal.
“So any plans for today?” I ask coolly. She has to be out of here before I get ready to surprise Damien.
Kay tenses up for a moment then answers “Maybe visit my grandma but I’ll be outta here by 12.”
I nod. “OK.”
“You?” she asks awkwardly.
“Don’t have much planned but I’m sure I’ll find something to do.”
Kay nods back. “Cool.”
We spend an hour trying to watch TV together but the silence is strange; we’re both too preoccupied with something. Kay finally packs up and leave.
I hurry up the stairs and shower. Then I choose a nice V-neck and my favorite mini and quickly do my makeup. I check myself out. Damien would be a fool to pass this up.
I arrive at his house at 2:30. His mother says he’d just gone out. I stand and deliberate. I could wait for him. It would suck to waste this outfit. As I’m deciding, my cell rings. It’s Tommy. Maybe he’d appreciate the outfit.