Fame: Surprised

by back in your head
originally published at 06:05AM on Saturday, February 09, 2008

Kai swivels round and round in her chair, waiting for the hair stylist to finish the other half of her hair. One side is straight, the other a curly jungle fastened with various combs and clips.
“How cool is this tour bus?” Kai asks still swiveling.
“Pretty cool” I yawn. Kai noticed a shift in our friendship but tries to ignore it. She probably thought it was her fault, that she wasn’t giving me enough time. Maybe that’s why she invited me to go on tour with her. It was the summer which her manager Andy pointed out was great timing since her major fan base was 16 and younger; they’d be off from school too. A golden opportunity.
One of the personal assistants knocks on the door. She deposits our lattes and tosses a bunch of magazines next to me. I sift through them, searching for my anonymous interview with Danny Stint.
I quickly find it and notice that other pop princesses were featured as well. Maybe they had backstabbing friends too.
“Anything interesting?” Kai asks.
I feign shock. “You won’t believe this.”