My Dear Friend

by User 7792
originally published at 01:16PM on Saturday, February 09, 2008

“No.. No.. No!!” I looked around. I was sitting straight up in my flower covered bed, looking around in silece and darkness. I had been having the same nightmare for about a month. My friend’s dad had died. My friend Susan was a very good friend. Her mother had died in the 5th grde and a big commotion was made on the playground. I didn’t really feel any sadness at that moment because I had just moved to that school AGAIN , and I hadn’t really remembere her mom. As time went by I started feeling horrible. I cried every long, cold, and starry night. I could feel the pain and sadness in her voice everytime she talked. Even when we didn’t, I knew she was devastated. After 2 years, another horrible thing ocurred. In class, she silently and tearfully whispered to me, “Promise not to tell…my dad is going to die soon. He’s very sick and there’s nothing the doctors can do” I felt a shock of pain run through my whole body. Cold and numb I whispered back “Really..” Embraced her in a hug and looked back at my paper..




  • from THX 0477:

    Understandable the the deaths of her friend’s parents would give her nightmares, fears of her own parents possible demise. The last line seemed an apt description of how shallow our sympathy can be sometimes.