Fame: The Article

by back in your head
originally published at 04:59AM on Sunday, February 10, 2008

I hand the magazine to Kai and watch her face as she reads. Her jaw’s hanging by the end of the article. She tosses the magazine into the trash. “Where did they get this stuff? I dropped out of school. I’m just another ‘shallow, talentless diva.’ I have an eating disorder with a ‘potential drug problem’?!” Danny embellished a bit on Kai’s refusal to eat green M&M’s, and the “drug problem” was probably Kai’s dependence on Advair to control her asthma. “I’ve gotta talk to Lisa.”
Kai picks up her cell phone, punching 2 on her speed dial.
As she waits for answer, Kai’s mother bursts onto the bus. “Oh honey.” She’s read the article.
She embraces Kai. “We are getting you out of here.”
“What?” Kai and I ask in unison.
“You know I didn’t like you doing this from the beginning. Now look at how they’re already attacking you. What will they say if you stay longer?”
Kai doesn’t answer.
“Good Morning, Lisa Kim’s office. This is Carla speaking.”
Kai’s mom takes the phone. “Tell Ms. Kim we won’t be needing her any longer.”