Truth, Lie, Half-truth

by OneMoreDay
originally published at 03:26PM on Sunday, February 10, 2008

I heard Lee running up the stairs and hid the book in the bookshelf hoping to hide it. He opened the door quietly and saw me and the package but no gift. “Where’re the goods?”

“It was just a book.” Truth.

“Did you want it?”

“Yeah.” Lie.

“Ae you surprised?”

“Yeah.” Half-truth.

“I told them!” He squealed and clapped his hands like a little girl. His smile broadened at my confused expression, “I called up your parents to remind them of your birthday. Said that you’d be ecstatic to get something.”

‘This is his fault?’ I looked at the innocent little kid smiling out from him and couldn’t hate him. ‘Bother.’ “Thanks!” I tried to look happy for the guy, “I’m so happy.”

He left the room smiling and I grabbed the book. Sitting down on my bed I rubbed the spine and stared at the title: Magic for the Beginner

“Got to begin sometime.” I opened the book and read the introduction…