Cold Roof, Cold Heart

by Phil Sporlan
originally published at 10:15PM on Monday, February 11, 2008

His friends called him “UGG” in school. His real name Ernest. Being a kid in the 80’s with the name Ernest, was unlucky. Know what I mean?

He watched a lot of TV as a teenager, he tried smoking pot three days before all of his friends went away to college. He didn’t see any of the gang after a few years of working at the local copy store.

A ten year reunion, would only make things worse, he hid most of the night hoping no one would talk to him. The ones who he thought were his friends weren’t, not even close.

Now at marrying age he still gets pimples, and has never been with a girl. He dreams of a blonde girl who works with him. She probably doesn’t even know my name he thinks.

Finally he finds himself standing on the edge of a roof, one night, one snowy night…




  • from Kermitgorf:

    I hope he doesn’t jump.
    Very heart breaking.