My Last Valentine (Valentine's Day Challenge)

by back in your head
originally published at 04:09PM on Wednesday, February 13, 2008

“Excited for tonight?” Marie asked throwing on her scrubs.
“Yeah” Tracy grinned. “Kevin’s going to pick me up and I’m wearing this.” She held up a sexy red dress and carefully placed it in her locker. “We’re going to have drinks first then dinner at that new French place I wanted to try. And…he might propose!”
Marie squealed as she embraced Tracy. The other residents stared.
“Well that completely tops my night” Marie pouted. “It’s only going to be my second date with Jerry.”
“I just hope the rain stops” Tracy said, fat drops beating heavily against the windows.
Tracy strutted toward the entrance. Kevin was on his way. She was smoldering. Tonight was going to be perfect.
Tracy jumped aside as EMTs raced by with a gurney. The man on it was a bloody mess. “Twenty-eight year old male…DOA…car that hit him lost control.”
Tracy felt nauseous. She ran over, fearing the worst. She recognized his hair first, curly and short. She collapsed, the din of the hospital fading. In his hand was a single red rose.