You Climb The Tree

by Russell Ruffino
originally published at 11:25AM on Saturday, February 16, 2008

“I’ll climb it. I persuaded you too to come so I should do the more dangerous tasks.” You move towards the tree and take a firm grasp on the trunk, just as you are about to start climbing you hear a voice to your left, “I wouldn’t climb that if I were you, there’s poisonous spiders up there.”

You jump backwards in shock and look at the person who spoke, she’s now walked out the jungle towards the three of you. “but, we need to hide the rowboat, so people can’t follow us.” You don’t know why you just told her what you were up to, instead of asking who she was, you get the feeling you aren’t that in control of the situation.

“What rowboat?” She asks you, and you turn to point at it but can’t see it anymore, indeed there’s no sign it was ever there. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, but I can’t say the same for all witches, I give you a choice of three gifts to help you on your journey.”

Take the branch of everlasting fire
Take the compass that points towards treasure
Take the parrot that warns of danger


  • from Russell Ruffino:

    Please read “The Rules� before sequelling.

  • from Lone Writer:

    Very Nice!

  • from Russell Ruffino:

    Just in case you’re interested, which you won’t be, my inspiration for the gifts were. 1) Hagrid gives the giant leader a branch of everlasting fire on behalf of Dumbledore in Order of the Phoenix. 2) The compass that points towards your hearts desire from Pirates of the Caribbean. 3) The swords from LotR and The Hobbit that warn of orcs.

  • from OrangeOreos:

    WOOT !

    I’m sequeling!

    Just so you all know.

    lol. I like the random inspirations!