Convention concluded

by Susan Holder is terrific
originally published at 11:17PM on Thursday, April 19, 2007

‘Convention of Mice to save the inhabitants of the construct.’ read Tobin, a little gray mouse.. well.. in this dimension anyway.

His friend Flandip looked over at him, familiar with his annoyances and irritations.

“We are going, right?”, Flandip asked.

“Yes..”, sighed Tobin, swimming to the edge of the pool.

Tobin and Flandip arrived late.. as usual.. only to find the convention had convened and completed it’s task.

“Flandip and Tobin.”, exclaimed a loud voice. “You are to fly our latest project to the construct and save our kin and their pinkies.”, stated the head of the convention.

Tobin looked at Flandip and then back at the speaker. “What?”, he asked amazed.

“You have earned this great honor through your hard work and diligence.”, the speaker continued.

“but.. but.. the… latest project??”, stammered Tobin. “Surely you don’t mean…”

“You will leave today.”, the speaker concluded.

Tobin looked at Flandip.

“So.. you know how to fly a planet?”, he asked.




  • from SJHundak/S.J.Willing:

    Complete change of pace and scene. Kinda threw me there for a moment.

    Cool though.