by Papa Drybear
originally published at 07:22PM on Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Be the first one on your street to try the new creation of Chef Homero Cantu. Kitty Sushi.

Kitty Sushi is made of live, small kitty… as seen in the photo.

Packaging from Japan lists Kitty Sushi as the cure of numerous ills, including back pain, leg cramps and as the wrapper says, “make happy time you will.”

Bidding starts at .01
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  • from Creepy Cats:

    ” HUH HUH HUH , I’ll bid on that kitty.”

  • from User 101:

    can I get some salmon roe and saki with that? if so, I bid $15

  • from kushimo:

    “make happy time you will” eye rike!

  • from Alley Cats:

    I don’t want to eat the poor cat.

  • from ideaprison:

    haha funny!

  • from Dossy:

    This is not … a story.

  • from User 995:

    So spoke ‘animal lover’:
    “Don’t be so evil and don’t put such horrible things on your website. You will encourage cruelty to animals.”