She, the liar.

by Jeska Maria
originally published at 05:11PM on Monday, April 23, 2007

She didn’t like the truth. So she made herself up. No longer was she the over worked and undervalued manager of a YourMart. She was a junior broker for a large financial firm. Junior, of course. She didn’t wan’t to overplay herself. Junior was perfect. It said, “I am modest, but I have prospects”. It said, “I am no-nonsense, but not too no-nonsense.”

It started out simple enough. She had read enough issues of Forbes outside her therapist’s peach colored waiting room to sound like she knew what she was talking about when he had asked her for her stance on the global market economy.

“With the domestic market going the way it’s going, stock prices are trending up across the pond.”

She threw in a little global jargon for good measure. That said, “I am not lying, I really am a stockbroker. Junior, of course.”

He asked her out to dinner.




  • from Susan Holder is terrific:

    You have a very cool study here of reality of mind versus reality of body. I was very interested reading it and would love to see where it goes.