The Dealer

by Zinc Oxide
originally published at 12:13PM on Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In elementary school the free lunch tickets were not a stigma. No one really noticed that you got your lunch for free but in middle school everything changes, so I had to ditch the lunch tickets for good. Money was tight, so I did what many poor kids did. I sold gum, lollipops and other food contraband between classes.

It certainly paid better than my allowance and money for lunch was never an issue again. I continued selling candy in high school but the lure of bigger money from selling drugs was always there.




  • from #2 Ficker:

    Was that you selling Jolly Ranchers in the back of Ms. Pogue’s 7th grade “general music” class? I think she was allegedly stoned all the time. Were you selling to her too?

  • from Saint Chuck:

    Love it.