Youthful courage

by Jimothy
originally published at 06:49PM on Monday, February 25, 2008

“Hey man, I’ve got a great idea! This will be the bomb. “

“What is it?”

“Let’s climb up to the roof, and we’ll try to jump to the girls dorm. It’s only a short gap. That should be easy to get across. That way, security won’t know we’ve come in. I know Cindy would love to ‘see’ me right now, if you know what I mean, man.”

“Ha, ya. I could go and hang out with Meaghan, or Sarah, while you do your ‘seeing’.”

Oh, the stupid things we convince ourselves are perfectly logical, under the influence of alcohol. John often had “great” ideas while drinking. He was a regular bar-stool philosopher. Unfortunately, I was his disciple. If he thought it was good, I would go along. Who was I to disagree with my older cousin?

As we staggered up the stairs, in our drunken stupor, I could feel bile rising in my throat.

“Are you sure this is safe?”

“Totally, man!”

I stood on the edge of the building looking down, and the alcohol induced vertigo. It’s not that far across, I thought. John made it.




  • from Kermitgorf:

    The things one does under the influence.. I like the follow along cousin lol.

  • from l.m.orchard:

    Exactly the kind of scene I had in mind when I wrote Limits of Immortality :) Excellent!

  • from thebetweenspace:

    This is a really good story, brings back memories of my younger and wilder days and works great as a prequel to limits.