Warm Impermanence

by The Wait Child
originally published at 04:20AM on Sunday, March 02, 2008

In the fading daylight
the beaten track is the same
but the journey is fresh and unmarked.

The orange beams
of the headlights
flood the familiar path

That I feel I am travelling
for the first yet final time.
The trees whisper

Their secrets over the bonnet,
stretching their limbs
like torn lovers divided by the highway

Tearing the ties of the sweethearts beneath our wheels
I know I won’t travel this road again.
This is the road I say goodbye to.

With the headlights off
we welcome the gates of unknown,
familiarity slipping away behind the bumper.

A stray dogs runs in front of the car
and we swerve but with a dull thud
we hit it anyway.

We speed blindly into the velvety night,
my old self simmering invisible
in the crimson pool that was the dog.

On the car radio David Bowie sang “Changes.?