Resigned to Absurd Mutterings

by OneMoreDay
originally published at 04:44PM on Monday, March 03, 2008

“Did you? You feel that? You!” Tristan’s sputterings seemed to exhaust him and he collapsed onto my bed. I resigned myself to having to wait til his absurd muttering were done and grabbed Magic for the Beginner off my bed where Tristan had dropped it and flipped through the pages.

I purused through the wind section and leisurely began to mutter the incantations to certain spells under my breath. I was surprised when I finished the section and had been able to do every single spell. ‘Maybe you get a new book.’ I temporarily forgot that a Tester was sitting right next to me who could read my mind at a moment’s notice. I flipped to the section on the next test, since I knew I’d have to go through each test with Tristan as my Tester, and began to read about each spell. Reaching a fairly easy beginner spell I settled myself and whispered the spell, “Dono Porce Metaph




  • from Dreamer:

    hehehe, KYRA NO ! what did she do???