My Murder

by User 1888
originally published at 04:27PM on Thursday, April 26, 2007 mature

I cant to it i shouted, i cant, i cant, i cant, i cant do it. You may be wondering what is happing and ill tell you i am being forced to stab my sister in the heart by a madman. You must think wow this girl is crazy, but im not. one day i was talking in a chat room to someone that i didnt know. i said i wanted to kill my sister, i was joking i mean everybody says that. He said i can arrange that, meet me at the corner if Parkway and 3rd st. at 12:00 midnight tonight. oh and if you dont you’ll be dead before you can say oops. i was so sacred i did what he requested and well here i am .
I shouted i cant one more time and thats when i heard it. he shot but it wasnt at my sister it was at me, i felt it slam into my heart and then i slowly fell backwards.