there he is

by The Master of Them that Know
originally published at 04:42PM on Tuesday, March 04, 2008

“Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm?
I hummed the lyrics to my favorite song.
I stopped about halfway around the city when I got hungry.
I went into a place that sells beagles.
When I walked in I immediately blushed because
Derrik was at the counter taking orders from the customers.
I walked slowly, about as fast as a glacier.
I crept up to the counter,
hiding my face with every chance I get.
“Hi, have I seen you before??Derrik surprisingly said.
“No, you haven’t seen me before.?
I quickly said back.
He said “Are you sure? Do you go to Winter High??
I didn’t want to answer so I just said “excuse me.?
and fakly pulled out my cell phone as if I just got a call.
I pulled the cell phone over my ear and said “hello??
even though nobody was on the other line.
“Hold on, I’ve got to take this call, but can I have one plain beagle??
He said “sure? when I was walking out of the shop.




  • from emma jo_234:

    lol. Poor girl. Very nicely written. As also, just so you know, it’s “bagel,” not “beagle.” I only correct you because a beagle is a breed of dog, and therefore could lead to some confusion.

  • from The Master of Them that Know:

    i thought i was spelling it wrong…damn spell check

  • from More Than Meets The Eyes:

    Beagles, ha. It probably didn’t do anything becaus “beagle” is a dog. I thought you knew that?!