Silently Screaming Continued

by Kat
originally published at 08:11PM on Thursday, April 26, 2007

But the worst yet is my slut of a sister, Phoebe. Seriously, ever since she’s started college she’s been with about three or four different men. A week! She’s also a twin, her twin Angie is the absolute opposite. Angie is studying to be a lawyer and she’s engaged to Mark, a really attractive and sweet law intern. Phoebe was home today and apparently so was one of her “special friends.”
“Hey little sis,” Phoebe said as she emerged from her bathroom wearing only a towl, “Hey Darlene, do you have any pills I could borrow?”
“Uh, no Phoebe. I’m still a virgin.” I said disgusted that she would ask such a question.
“Oh my god Darlene, I haven’t been a virgin since, god like seventh grade.” Phoebe giggled as she made her way back into her bedroom.
But I just kept going because I wasn’t going to miss the bus and be forced to ride in the car with Phoebe and her strange male “friend.” While I ran my way down the front steps of our white brick colonial, the bus sped by and once again I had to run.