Silently Screaming Continued

by Kat
originally published at 08:45PM on Thursday, April 26, 2007

I remember seeing myself, not in myself. I was being lifted onto a stretcher and the older woman was crying madly. I was confused at first, but then i realized it. I’m dead.
“Please, we need to call her parents!” The old woman screeched between bawling and blowing her nose.
I remember being in the hospital and when my family first arrived. They all looked at me so solomly and were speechless. Drew actually looked the most upset, he was silently crying while his girlfriend twirled her hair and smacked her gum.
“No, she’s going to be fine.” Drew said as he wiped his eyes with his sleeve.
Mom put her arm around Drew quietly as she herself began to cry. I was watching it all and Meagan and Stephanie didn’t even know. I hope they’d be alright.
“Mommie, what’s wrong with Darlene?” Sydnie asked while she tugged on mom’s sleeve.
“Well, sweetie,” mom began as she wiped her eyes, “Darlene is sick and she may not get better.”
Up until now, my mom was the strong one. Past tense.