The Trap(Jared's perspective)

by J.B. Williams
originally published at 10:56PM on Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Yes, go for the bait. You can’t resist it. It’s a tasty, huge, Red Delicious apple. I have eaten the fruit of the Tree and I am confident that you will not resist it. You are human and inclined to perform towards the failures and imperfections of the flesh. You are not of divine nature, even though you receive similar praise, I’m sure. So, do as humans do, and eat the fruit of the Tree. “I believe I women’s lib,” Priscilla said. Got you. As I predicted, you bit the fruit of the tree, falling for the trap. Jared decided to continue.

“I treat ladies the same as I would a guy. It’s just my thing.” Jared said. Where do I really want to go from here, Jared thought, as she rattled off reasons she agreed to his point. Is she interesting? Slightly, but becoming less and less. This exhibition was fun, but my internship is more important to me than anything else in life right now. I would sacrifice anything for it, save family, of course. I sighed out loud. I know what I must do now.