Long Run

by Never Explain
originally published at 05:45PM on Friday, March 07, 2008

We finally found an end to the tunnel, and we climb up a trap door. It was morning by now, and light was falling into the room as we crawled up. It was a pretty nice place.
“So…this is it?” I asked.
“Nope.” Colleen said. “It would be very wise to be waiting at the end of the tunnel for the king, now would it?”
She motioned me outside, where we ran into the woods. We walked along, came across a tall tree and stopped.
This is it?” I asked.
Colleen nodded. “For now.”
I groaned in protest, but Colleen shut me up with a quick angry look.
We climbed up and up the tree, to find an old-looking tree house. I climbed in and sat down on the wooden floor.
Within minutes I was bored.
“Can I go out side?” I asked.
“No.” Colleen said, looking out a window.
“Why not?”
“I don’t want to get caught, do you?”
“But I won’t.”
“Yes you will.”
“Then this is no differant fromprison!.” I said angrily.
“Then go back!” She growled.
This was going to be a long run.




  • from Blusparrow:

    AW quit complaining! This guy has got something to learn!

  • from Mask By The Moon:

    Sounds just like Josh too.

  • from Kermitgorf:

    she sure told him.. love the female as the rescuer angle.

  • from .:band baby:.:

    wow.. he’s going back to prison!!??