Together....till tomorrow

by a_6th_grade_writter
originally published at 03:19PM on Friday, April 27, 2007

A bright orange butterfly fluttered in the warm sun, as a small cat had her babies in a family barn. The cat’s name was Tabitha and had warm dark brown eyes and a very soft and quiet gray fur coat. Tabitha had been in the family for years, and the farmer’s kids were growing ,and growing, and getting older, and older. When she saw her little baby kittens a tiny tear fell from her small face. They were almost exactly the same, except one was a girl and one was a boy. As the small cat was about to get up, the farmer’s 18 year old daughter, Macy took the small girl kitten, named her Molly, and left. As the farmer’s son, Mitchell took the boy kitten and left, Tabitha felt more alone then ever. Mitchell named the boy kitten Cory.
Years later the kittens tried to find thier mother, but when they found her, she was with 2 more little kittens so Cory and Molly left and lived in a small house made of sticks and stones, in the woods, with 2 small kids name Mitchell J.R., and Macy J.R.