taken/given lives

by arne desmet
originally published at 05:00PM on Monday, March 10, 2008

I entered the interrogation room and…the middle-aged firefighter with beard and moustache was scratching his nose. I saw the many scars in his face, probably from saving many lives as a firefighter. Quite contradictional, when you mention that this national hero is responsable for the death of 8 children over the last 3 years. Those 8 children had only one thing in common, they were all at the age of 7 when they were killed by this maniac.
DNA samples had proved that this man is responsable for the death of his last victim, Billy Talent.
He didn’t looked up when I entered the interrogation room, he just kept on looking to his knees. In some way, I felt sorry for him, but that thaught was gone as soon as it came up.
Why should I feel sorry for him, freaking bastard he is.
I told him we proved he killed Billy. He didn’t react immediatly. But after a while he told me he had no choice. He told he had to do it. He told me everything about the 8 victims and what he did to them