Ole Luke and The Curse (Darius and Buck)

by butterflygirl6106
originally published at 07:42PM on Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Buck crawled inside the cave, sniffing for danger. Darius and Ole Luke right behind him. Buck barked and wagged his tail to let them know it was ok.

They found some rocks and twiggs to start a firer. Darius sat in front of the firer as Ole Luke covered the entrance of the cave.

Ole Luke was watching out of an open whole to make sure the Captain and others were not in the area.

Darius sat down removing the black case from his shoulders. He kept thinking whether or not he should trust Ole Luke with what was in the case.

Ole Luke, kept his eye on Darius and the case, rubbing his fingers togather as if he had a plan.

Darius called Luke to come and sit down next to him.

He really did not know what to say. so he open the gold latch on the case and reach in.

Ole Luke eyes was filleld with inticipation as Darius started to pull out the magical map and its compass.

Luke recognize the seal on t he map and stood up and walk away from him.

“Boy, is that what I think it is?”