Coping Mechanism

by Misheru O'ku
originally published at 10:04AM on Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another day and night spent at work
Toiling away at the numbers
Everything is always due yesterday or today
God forbid it gets done tomorrow.

Little Molly makes it through
Thanks to Mr. Penguin.

He helps her make copies,
He helps her review her work,
He stands by and oversees
And makes sure she doesn’t go berserk.

“Your stuffed animal is an inspiration to us all,? a co-worker stated.

Consequently, the next day, to Molly’s surprise,
Mr. Penguin now had friends . . .
For there was a Penguin in each and every cube
Of cubicle land.




  • from ♠Ana Cristina♥:

    This reminds me of what it was like working as a legal secretary. Ugh.
    Now I want my own Mr. Penguin! Actually, I do have a Mr. Cat (this stuffed purple cat) on my desk at work. But I haven’t seen any of the other teachers get their own, too … yet. :p

  • from Misheru O'ku:

    Thanks for the comment! This poem was inspired by a girl who carried her penguin with her everywhere in the office. One day the partner at the firm asked her what’s the deal with the penguin? And she said it was her coping mechanism and then she waddled away like a penguin. Crazy how work effects some people ;)