Jake Story (New School)

by butterflygirl6106
originally published at 02:00PM on Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jake story was not a pretty one, he came from a very abusive family with a past.

he grew up an only child that was missing the key element. Love. His mother was a recurring addict. His father was in and out of their lives for as long as he was living.

One day Jake decided that he would go and live with an uncle that was not any better then his parents. Jake mother had to many boyfriends that would miss treat him and he would find him self getting hurt alot.

One day a friend of his mother decided that Jake would be better off with her. His mother did not put up any arguments considering she was never around any way and did not want to be strapped down with a kid.

The womans name was Bethanne, she was a single mom her self and tryed the best she could to raise them all.

Jake, settle in with her and her children he learned that life was a normal state of being.

Bethanne soon reported his mom to the authorties and petition to have Jake permantly be placed with her.

He reached his teens and…