how to free a man without faking prison break

by Ante
originally published at 02:21PM on Thursday, March 13, 2008

‘Here you are,’ Chance said when they got out the car. Back to where he never wanted to go again. But this time he had to go back. ‘How did you got me out of jail,’ Hollow asked.
‘what do you mean,’ replied Chance. John looked at the man and said with a voice filled with anger, ‘I was in for 5, I was let out in three, what are the chances?’ ‘You caught me with that one, spill it what do you want me to do.’John thought about if he really could trust Chance, but there was no other way, he had to take the chance.’Get my friend Bill out of jail and I’ll do whatever you two were planning to do with me,’ John said. ‘You’re a lot more clever than the mistress said,’ he wisphered. ‘But all right, done and done.’

What happened next was something Hollow never expected. 5 minutes he had been alone, but after those few minutes, john was accompagnied by Chance… And by Bill. ‘H… How… did you, stuttered Hollow. ‘We had a deal,’he just answered. ‘Yes, but…’ Excellent now if you’d get in the car so we can get going.




  • from Tears of Phoenix:

    It’s interesting, but the story isn’t really flowing right for me. Try editing it, perhaps? I’m a bit of a stickler for good grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 3 stars (for now!). I know you can do better, the story is there, just clean it up! =)