The reagon plains

by Ante
originally published at 02:40PM on Thursday, March 13, 2008

The young apprentice had been walking south the whole night. He had crossed the wizard forest and had now reached the reagon plains. There was no place to hide here so he had to cross it a fast as possible. He could go around this place, but he was looking for something.
The sky turned black, a winged beast with gigantic horns flew right at him. He manages to duck and rolled behind a rock. a Gloc,a warlock’s pet had found him. He had to kill it before he had the chance to kill him,or worse to warn his master. But he lacked the power.
The rock was smashed right in front of him. He made a run for it, he kept going south, he was bound to cross the place he had been looking for. The gloc was right behind him, gaining on him and this time he wouldn’t miss his target. There it was, a huge stone circle in the distance,if he could get to that point he’d be safe. But it seemed so far away. The hideous creature flew right above him now. Too late,he thought.The gloc went for it, he had the apprentice right in his claws