Safe Are You?

by butterflygirl6106
originally published at 08:52PM on Thursday, March 13, 2008

The noise down the street awaken me. I did not know what was going on.

I got out of bed to look out my window. People were every where.

I heard alot of screaming and running. I thought it might have been an accident.

I did not realize that I had slept so late.

I put on my shoes, and open my front door. I could smell the smoke racing up the street. My neigbors were standing on the steps in front of their house.

I remember feeling like the sky had just fell in.

I started to walk down the street when I heard this almost faint wind. It was comming towards the already smoke filled sky.

Everyone started to run back towards me. I stop in my tracks to ask anyone, someone what was going on. Everyone said to run it’s comming this way.

I did not know what so I turned and ran back to my block.

What followed was almost impossible to believe. I was shocked by what I smelled and or seen.

Time stood still as we found our selves in a war zone. One that was hostile and unforgiven….....




  • from Blusparrow:

    This is a good perspective of war and the past cold war. Or is this about the war on terriorism? Either way it is really good!