To a meeting

by El Jas
originally published at 04:40PM on Friday, March 14, 2008

“Hi John,how are you going?I appreciate you’ve got me freed,but,I doubt you did it because I’m your friend,” Bill said. “True, but I think you’ll like the thing I want you to do. However, first of all we have to do something in return to Chance for your release.Isn’t it Chance?” “Yes” “Could you tell us, maybe, what we’re up to?”asked John.”You 2 must go to a meeting.”

Hours later,Chance,John and Bill arrived at the meeting.It was 11p.m. so it had been a long day.John had found himself freed from prison,discovered that his wife had betrayed him,had thought about a plan that would change the world,and had freed his friend Bill,though John hadn’t done that by himself.And now this strange meeting…How could the mistress know that they were coming?You can’t arrange a meeting in 6 hours.It just didn’t make sense.Bill didn’t understand the situation at all,but John did not want to inform him of the past and his plans,with that pig driving.Chance was not to be trusted,in spite of the fact that he had freed Bill.