The Body Of Water

by butterflygirl6106
originally published at 11:09PM on Friday, March 14, 2008

Before time the deep of the ocean crawled across this vast earth.

An element that is quite and pure in it’s hypnotic state.

It calls you to its boundries and it awakes the inner need of conquering it.

Forces of mother nature combined with this element of strength can wipe out populaitons of matter in seconds.

We watch and envy it’s calmness.

We travel it and search the depth of it’s soul.

Beauti is found it’s wet touch.

The Sun awakens it’s glow.

The Moon puts it to sleep.

It’s home to billions of species and they respect and protect it.

Man explores it yet does not respect it.

It’s many shapes and forms and colors bring life to this earth hard scape.

It’s wet roads lead to destination known and unkown.

It’s brings war to far away lands.

It’s home to no man.

It’s as old as time and history speaks of it over and over in all it’s glory.

It calls us to it’s arms, It’s provides for us It is undeniable strong.

The hands of God poured it out of heavens window