Ode to Spitzer

by Misheru O'ku
originally published at 12:27PM on Saturday, March 15, 2008

The great leader Pericles
Faces punishment for his sins
Particularly, for his association with Aspasia,
Who ran a brothel while acting as his political aide.

Remorse will always be with him
His family stands by proudly in shame
He lost the faith and trust of his compatriots
No apology could fix the damage he has done
Thus, he took responsibility for his conduct
And resigned from his throne.

As he removed his crown
He said, “Our greatest glory
Consists not in never falling,
But in rising every time we fall.?
And subsequently thanked the people
For the privilege of service.

At that moment,
A wave of laughter emerged from the crowd,
As they threw rotten apples in his direction,
And yelled, “Good Riddance!?
While others stood by silently
And mourned for their great hero.