SiReN's Song

by Splindel
originally published at 05:54PM on Monday, April 30, 2007

Black Bile as dark as Fear,
It burns in your mind,
It tastes like the rust of iron,
the specks of grit almost in my palm,
My sight blurs as the poison seeps deeper,
I hear the rushing of wind whistling in my ears,
the rotted steel wafts in my nose,
the Darkness echoes onto my Tongue,
clouding over like mold.

The Bile burns a little sweet,
It’s taste so hallow,
I feel the dust shifting,
my rifle itches along,
the bloated corpse of genocide,
tramples through the dead,
he stumbles on the slain,
the sky curls it’s wispy fingers,
around the darkening earth,
Jagged teeth of lightning,
flash out like a serrated grin,
A gnashing jaw,
the prophecy of a corrupted soul,
the Darkness still echoes,
burying me in Fear.