This Story is Happy End [1980's Arcade Game Challenge]

by Jimothy
originally published at 08:13PM on Sunday, March 16, 2008

“This room is an illusion” played endlessly through poor Arthur’s mind. He felt everything, he even smelled the dank air, but had been warned it was all fake. But, it felt so real. Going ahead dauntlessly, he searched out the way forward. He couldn’t stop now, he needed to at least know what happened to Guinevere.
Stepping through the doors only led back into the same room, Arthur needed to look for another way out. Feeling around the walls, he came across a loose stone. Removing it carefully with his sword, he found a switch. Pressing it, a door opened where previously, there was wall.
Unfortunately, behind this new door, was the last creature he wanted to see… the Dark Lord, himself.
Making rapid progres [sic] towards his enemy, Arthur threw many lances and axes. The barrage caught Satan off guard, and he was felled quickly.
Guinevere, that beautiful lady, was waiting at the end of the throne room, with a message for Arthur.
“Congratulation. This story is happy end.”