by Jayme Meiram
originally published at 09:25PM on Sunday, March 16, 2008

He remembered. “Hey, this might sound weird, but…” the bell rang, and a small army of children cme into the classroom. “I’m sorry, nevermind. I’ll see ya later crazy brady.” “Bye dad, don’t forget me!” He laughed, “I won’t son.”
I couldn’t wait for Seth to pick up “crazy Brady”, who was the farthest thing from crazy. He seemed pretty lame. The lamest of my kids. Not lame as in uninteresting, but lame as in he didn’t do much at all. Maybe I’m being to harsh on the kid, being as it was his first day at school, but he shouldn’t have been worried about the other kids. They LOVED him, it was just him that didn’t accept them.
3 o’clock rolled around so fast, and thank goodness all of the kids were gone; all except for Brady.
“Mrs. Michaels?” “Yes Brady?” “I think my dad forgot me.” “Oh, I don’t think he’d do that to ya kiddo.” “But what if he did? What if he went out and found him a woman and decided to leave me here with you?” she gave him a soft hug and said, “Well, that’d be just fine with me Brady!”