Dreamer Dream

by butterflygirl6106
originally published at 01:45PM on Monday, March 17, 2008


A world without pain and or hurt.

A world without hunger and or death.

A world of caring and human dignaity.

A world that you and I can co-exsits without skin color being a factor.

A world where change is for the better.

A world that is moraly and dignafied.

A world where children are safe.

A world where politics does not defeat a way of life.

A world without War.

A world of substances and quality of life that out weighs whats best for me.

A world where manufactor’s of weapons are held to the same standard of life that we as a people must be held to.

A world of equality and justice for all, in which the same law I live by all people must live by in-spite of color and or wealth.

A world with no more hunger.

A world in which Love is the governing factor.

A world that allows us to live according to freedom.

A world where no man is beaten and humiliated.

A world where reform is a positive and not designed as a hinderance to some.

Dream on..