A Breif Moment In Time

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by butterflygirl6106
originally published at 10:19PM on Monday, March 17, 2008

The sun crept inside the window at dawn. I lay half asleep looking out at it.

The night had passed inside the rising sun and the transformaton was beauti in motion.

I watched him as he passed by my mind, inside my memory a thousand times.

Wishing he was here to share this moment with me.

He went away, with the quitness of a summers night.

The single tear still embrace my cheek as I remember the day he left.

Just as the sun brings its warmth inside the window so did he bring a smile to my face each and every day.

Oh how I miss him, Oh how I wish he was in my arms yet again.

I hear his voice in the night wind, knocking at the door of my heart.

Calling me from the moon light hill where we first embrace and fell inlove.

It all seem so long ago, It seem with time my reach to find him gets further away from my touch.

How can I ever forget the one love, the one matter that changed my life forever.

He was my life, but it wasn’t promised to me. A breif moment in time forever….....