New Years Day [Music Challenge]

by Jimothy
originally published at 07:19PM on Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All is quiet on New Year’s Day. January 1, 2023. Who could have guessed the changes that would have happened in the last year.
The News Paper Says martial law is keeping the peace now.
About 3 years ago, the Canadian government started selling off its water supplies to the US. They tried to tell us we’d have enough, but you knew better. You left for the protests.
Those protests, January 1, 2022.
I didn’t believe you, or at least I wasn’t willing to risk my life to argue with the Government. I guess that’s what I loved about you. You were so passionate, so committed. I was apathetic, jaded, calloused. I had given up before I ever started. I guess you must have seen me as a work in progress. Maybe I’m just a slow learner. But nothing changes on New Year’s Day.
If I just had your strength, your drive, your hope. I could begin again.
I will begin again. I’m coming after you. I won’t give up on you. I will be with you again. Everything can change on New Years Day.




  • from Jimothy:

    I appologize if this doesn’t exactly fit the description of the challenge. I was looking for inspiration from a song, and this was what came out. I didn’t realize THX 0477 ’s “Stay for a while” was a true story… Serves me right for not reading the comments.

  • from ♠Ana Cristina♥:

    One of my favorite songs by U2. Well done!

  • from Kermitgorf:

    great futuristic story.

  • from Kermitgorf:

    great futuristic story.