miko at the movies, con't

by miko
originally published at 12:44PM on Wednesday, May 02, 2007

. “I don’t know, I’ve got that lab to do-“
“NO!! NO!? he yells. I sort of jump as I look over, kind of perturbed that he interrupted me. I then look over to where he’s looking and see the concession lead Krysti laying on one of the carts, seizing with laugher.
“What the hell?? I ask, sort of under my breath.
“NO! I did not just see you sleeping on the job!? He yells, but he’s smiling. Meanwhile, Krysti and I are seizing with laughter. Krysti tries to talk, but she’s laughing to hard.
“Oh. My. Gosh.? Is all I can manage to get out, while gasping for air; while Krysti is still gasping for air.. As we both look up, we see James leaving.




  • from Susan Holder is terrific:

    This one doesn’t carry as much continuity as the last story line did. He is yelling – surprising Miko – at Krysti, then turns out he is joking, then he leaves rather abruptly with no comment.. It doesn’t make sense.

    You exercise good skill at bringing out your characters, making them life-like with few words. I am just kind of lost as to James here.