Rainy Night

by butterflygirl6106
originally published at 01:27PM on Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dena looked out the window at the sky rolling under it’s dark clouds.

“Here it comes and it’s gonna be a down pour!”

She told her mom that it proberly would rain all night.

Her mom said “Good sleeping wheather, just get under the covers and curle up and go to sleep.”

Dena had plans for the rainy night.

She thought she would line up 50 white buckets along the side walk and catch the rain as it came down.

“Dena what are you doing?”

Her mother aksed her.

Oh, I want to catch the rain and hear it drop in the buckets all night.

Just then Dena dad had come in, “It sure is comming down out there!”

“Yes dear it is comming down pretty hard.”

“Dad what does rain sound like hitting metal?”

“Well Dena it’s a very annoying sound.”

Everyone went to bed and Dena cracked her window to hear the rain fall into the buckets.

“Saraha, what is that god alwful noise I am hearing?”

“Oh, dear Dena she lined up 50 buckets outside her window to hear the rain fall in them.”

“What for?”....




  • from Kenzie Cameron:

    rain seems to calm us all.
    when there’s a downpour for one fleeting moment everyone seems to stop and stare.
    and sleep calmly.
    ‘to hear the rain fall into the buckets’
    i think, the most peaceful sound on this earth…


    Rain is beautiful to listen to when you are trying to go to sleep.
    I wish it did that where I’m from.