In the pretty little town called Gethsemene.

by Apple
originally published at 01:51PM on Saturday, March 22, 2008

It was about 200 years from now, in the little town called Gethsemene. The world was basically the same as it is now, with just a few little improvements in technology and science. And then, of course, there was the increase in the number of crazy people wanting to take over the world and kill everyone. But not in Gethsemene.

Gethsemene was a pretty little town with tons of pretty little people living there. It is often said to be the prettiest little town in all of the world, and the people there are very lucky people indeed. There was a gorgeous fountain in the center of the town. Right next to the fountain was a very handsome lake, surrounded by stunning mountains. The houses in Gethsemene were very quaint little houses, all in rows on streets with names like Honey Lane, and Sunny Street. There was one house in particular that seems just like any other house, with people just like the others inside. It is in this house that our story begins.




  • from .:band baby:.:

    oooh, very intrguing! ((spelling??)) and very descriptive, I like it. =)


  • from WEE!!!!!:

    Hmmm.. this should be quite interesting..

  • from Artist_Girl:

    great begining. you really know how to bring in your audiance. I hope you continue on with this series some more.