Silently Screaming Continued

by Kat
originally published at 06:47PM on Thursday, May 03, 2007

I saw chaos. It was present in my home and it caught me off guard. Drew was drinking a bottle of whiskey, when he has gone to anti-alcohol protests with his friends. Andrea was sitting on the stairs, her hair undone and her face lacked its usual made up coloring. Phoebe actually sent her boyfriend home without even a kiss. Angela was the only normal one, besides Sydney, who was cooking like she was going to have to feed the entire neighborhood. From pies to muffins and cookies, the kitchen reeked of comfort foods and Angela was crying as she made them. I knew why i hadn’t gone to Heaven or Hell, maybe i wasn’t dead. Maybe I was still here to help my family pull through.
“Drew what are you doing?” Sydney asked curiously.
“Nothing, just go back in the house.” Drew slurred as he fell off the front steps.
“Phoebe, where’d your friend go?” Angela snapped at Phoebe while she mixed the batter for muffins vigerously.
“I sent him home and we broke up. I have better things to do.” Phoebe solemnly said.