64k (250th Ficlet Challenge)

by Capital "W" Writer (LoA's Geekus Awesomeus)
originally published at 10:11AM on Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good gods, I’m already at 250 ficlets?! Wow! Then again, with 2 Eplets (still trying to get that as the official word for ficlet series 20 or more parts long ;) ), I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Okay, so, 250th ficlet challenge time.

Don’t worry, Robotech_Master, no worries about rules infringements on this one. (Just teasing you, buddy! No offence intended. :D )

Okay, down to the challenge. This one is easy, and hard. We all know how difficult is can be to write a good story in the 1,024 character limit. Well, your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a ficlet using the the 64 character minimum, no longer. And no filler text (ie big strings of periods) allowed.

I’ve tried it, myself, and it’s definitely not easy. But I have faith in you, my fellow Ficleteers!

As an aside, who can name where that is from? ;)




  • from Blusparrow:

    I think there was a challenge simular to this, but I will do this anyway. Can not resist a challenge!

  • from Crown Me Tarzan, King of Mars:

    This challenge has already been done about three months ago. That shouldn’t prevent you from running your own minimum length challenge, but I just thought you should know.


  • from Capital "W" Writer (LoA's Geekus Awesomeus):

    I looked, but I didn’t find that. Thanks, CMT ,KOM.

  • from Adam Short:

    The last line is from Transformers – The Movie (the original one), and it’s uttered by Wreck-Gar as he leads the attack on the stranded Autobots (I think, it might be slightly later, when the Autobots and Junkions join forces against Galvatron and the Decepticons). And that’s how sad I am.

  • from Capital "W" Writer (LoA's Geekus Awesomeus):

    Got it in one, Adam. :D
    I’ll one-up you in the ‘sad’ department. It’s at the beginning of the Junkion attack on the Autobots. The full line: “Don’t look behind door number 2, Monty. It’s time to play End Of The Line, My Valentine. Geroni-do-ron-ron-ronimooooo!” cue Weird Al’s Dare To Be Stupid. :D

  • from uselessness:

    Good challenge! I just wrote an entry. :-)

  • from THX 0477:

    Wow, how sad is that. I actually feel bad that I didn’t get the reference to the Transformers movie. Neat challenge, but I’m just too wordy to even attempt it.

  • from Trying to Blend:

    I had 64 characters but it wouldn’t let me publish it…so I bumped it down…it is 64 though :) Nice challange…Hard!

  • from invisibility_disability:

    holyshcrap, this is HAARRRD .
    good challenge. :)

  • from Saint Chuck:

    Love, love, love this challenge. I entered the other one before, now I’m pumped for the chance to do it again!

  • from J.B. Williams:

    This is hard, but I pulled a rabbit out of my shoe FTW .

  • from J.B. Williams:

    Or at least for the entry.

  • from Robotech_Master:

    Not to be a pain, but you really mean a 64 byte challenge.

    A 64K challenge would be 1,024 times as long as that. :)

  • from Robotech_Master:

    “Stop thief, no welcome wagon hello stranger with that good coffee flavour for you. Offer expires while you wait; operators are standing by.”

  • from Music-Hearted:

    Nice challenge, I had fun with it. Thanks for reading!

  • from Bartimaeus:

    I like this, its unique =) read mine plz!!!

  • from Capital "W" Writer (LoA's Geekus Awesomeus):

    I just can’t get over how this one has taken off! This is so cool! :D