by Valley Fey/Pinprick
originally published at 08:17PM on Monday, March 31, 2008

Helen thought harder as she began to walk down the path, Eva hadn’t been all bad. She hadn’t meant for the curse to take effect. She didn’t know she’d had the power since she was small, to make things happen by wanting them hard enough.

Eva had loved George, as just as she had. Helen shook her head, smoothed her hair and continued walking. She would go to her old village, go beyond to the town where Eva now lived and apologize, as Eva had done years ago.

She’d come to her in the woods, beautiful and nervous. She’d apologized to Malvolia, and tried to remove the curse, but it hadn’t worked. It would never work, the emotion just wasn’t there. Malvolia had remained cursed, and Eva returned to her small daughter.

After living in the woods for some time, Malvolia learned from another witch the secret to eternal youth, the blood of a young woman. She immediately returned to town, intent on taking the child from Eva. Malvolia knew she would have her, eventually.

That was when Sioni was locked away.