If Only

by Never Explain
originally published at 07:40PM on Tuesday, April 01, 2008

“Wake up, soldier.” I heard the same gruff voice.

I grunted and sat up in my pod. The glass hatch opened at my touch. I climbed out. I now towered above the other soldiers. So much time passed since that day I did the program downloads.

Those things weren’t without side effects, you know. I had constant headaches, sometimes I do things without even thinking, not the kind of thing that you do because you do it a lot. I am talking about my body acting on it’s own, without my brain sending a message to my nerves.

The headaches can be ignored, but because of the my body acting on it’s own I have to go through surgeries and be pumped full of medicine to keep intact. Now I wish I never did those downloads, just learn it all like normal humans do.

If only.




  • from Blusparrow:

    I wouldn’t want to be like part robot. I want complete control of my body!