A Very "Happy" Bride

by Kat
originally published at 06:48PM on Friday, May 11, 2007

Ashley sat on the stoop of St. Patricks Catholic Church as she pondered on the fact that today was her wedding day. But her wedding day was no dream come true. In fact, everyone was there; happy and beautifully dressed. Except for the groom! She thought about all the places he might be; maybe he was still asleep from his hangover from his bachelor party or maybe he was with some other woman. Where the hell could he be? Suddenly her phone rang. she answered the phone, hoping that it would be Alex.
“Hello?” Ashley asked curiously.
“Hey Ashley, it’s me.” Alex said monotonously.
“Alex, where the hell are you!” Ashley asked angrily.
“Hey Alex, where’s my bra?” Ashley heard a mumble in the background.
“Behind the couch, Angie.” Alex said to the girl.
“Angie! Alex you were with my little sister!” Ashley said furiously. But before he could answer she hung up.
“Hey Ashley! Smile for the cameras!” Josh, her bestfriend from her childhood said playfully.
Fantastic. Ashley thought to herself.