The Everlasting Hurricane PART 3

by Writer4Life00nj
originally published at 02:07PM on Sunday, April 27, 2008

Then, everything seemed to come back to me. There was dad, drenched with rain, staring over me. He was pale as if he were worried but smiling at the same time.
“Dad? What are you doing here?” I asked. “And what happened?”. Dad explained everything. I must of had a panic attack, wow, how stupid am I? He got off early from work and was trying to find somewhere safe to stay during the hurricane. “But dad, why can’t we stay here?” I asked, again, panicking.
“It’s not safe here honey, we live right on the water” he said. I smiled as tears rolled down my face.
“Mom will be home soon,” he said. Dad went to load up the car as I got up and looked out the window. Things had seemed to get worse even though it was only ten minutes since the last time I checked. Then, mom came through the door. At least she was smart enough to carry an umbrella. She smiled when she saw me look back from the window.
“Don’t be worried, we’ll be fine” she said. “Now, come on, we have to go help your father load up the car,” she said.